Review of Fire Horse Online Slot

On the unequal-sized reels of the Fire Horse slot machine, there are 720 various chances to win. Symbols on the reels include crystals, clay pots, and mythological horses. It is unclear what any of these symbols have in common, but it hasn’t prevented Fire Horse from becoming an IGT frontrunner and a major success.

These reels may be spun for as little as 0.50 on desktop computers, iOS-powered devices, and Android smartphones and tablets. This game’s popularity may be attributed to its selection of playable platforms, dramatic aesthetic, rewarding features, and opportunity to win up to $50,000.

If you land the correct symbols, you may earn up to 24 free spins, and a valuable wild symbol will enhance your wins when it occurs on this peculiar reel pattern.

Given that IGT has been in the industry for decades, we shouldn’t be too shocked that they’ve built yet another successful slot machine. They are specialists at understanding what gamblers want, and the Fire Horse slot game demonstrates once again that they know just how to satisfy slot enthusiasts.

Fire Horse Slot Settings and Management

In lieu of paylines, IGT’s extremely popular MultiWays Xtra structure is used in the Fire Horse slot machine game. It pays out when matching symbols appear on adjacent reels from the left or right, with several instances of the winning symbol doubling the payout.

There are 720 possible outcomes for this scenario. Observe that the outside reels have only three symbols, reels 2 and 4 have four symbols, and the central reel has five symbols. This gives the reels a diamond pattern, which may be bewildering to those who have never played a slot machine before. With a few winning combinations, everything becomes crystal obvious.

You may wager anywhere from $0.50 to $50.00 every spin, which should be plenty for the majority of bankrolls. You play with 50 coins, and the pay table indicates how many coins you earn for each matching symbol combination. Simply click the button below the game to get complete information on each possible payout and additional features.

Fire Horse, like other IGT slots, features a high return to player % and is certified for fair play.

Gameplay and Bonus Features in Fire Horse

The contrast between the black reels and the glowing flames behind them enhances the dramatic appearance. Playing card symbols will often form the most common winning combinations, awarding rewards of lesser value. The J, for example, pays up to 50 coins when it appears on all five reels, but if it appears many times on a single reel, its value is doubled, so even this low-paying symbol may result in large payouts.

A magnificent white Fire Horse is worth up to 300 coins, while an orange Fire Horse is worth up to 400 coins. When landing on 3, 4, or all 5 reels, the game logo awards the highest rewards of 50, 150, and 1,000 coins, and that’s before MultiWays Xtra multipliers are taken into account!

A wild symbol may substitute for other symbols, but it has no value on its own and only appears on the middle three reels. A green crystal doesn’t appear to have anything to do with the general theme, but don’t worry: it’s a high-paying scatter symbol that awards 2, 10, or 50 times your total wager for 3, 4, or 5 occurrences, respectively.

If a luminous purple orb symbol appears on all reels, you get a 50-coin payout and 8 free spins. Although the rewards are same, they have distinct reels and symbols of different colors. Now, the greatest part about triggering bonus spins on a MultiWays Xtra slot machine is that you get eight free spins for any successful combination that spans the reels.

If you’re really fortunate and manage to fill the screen with purple orb symbols, you’ll get 96 free games. These may be retriggered by further orbs, with a theoretical maximum of 240 bonus games available, but you’ll likely never get close.

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